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Documentary: What Matters?

What Matters? (formerly called Give a Damn?) is an award-winning feature length documentary that reveals a powerful perspective on what really matters in life. It is an inspiring story about three young men (an Atheist and two Christians) who journey across three continents immersing themselves in poverty. Their intent is to experience extreme poverty and explore the questions that we all have. What can and should we do to help the over a billion people who live everyday on less than a $1.25? It is a dramatic life and death journey into real physical and emotional tragedy, but also a humorous and thrilling story of courage, hope, enlightenment, friendship, commitment, recovery, and heroic love. It lives up to its tagline of “Connecting those who need something to live for with those who need something to live.”

Most of us are not able to put our lives on hold to explore these kinds of questions, but these guys have done it for us! This film shows us that everyone can make a real difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

They have worked over 5 years and traveled 15 countries to make the film. The main characters in the film are currently touring the US screening the film and entering it into film festivals. The film has played in eight film festivals and has screened over 80 times at colleges, churches and organizations. To book a screening, go to our contact page.